…and set the scene for your wedding.

We offer you a full service in terms of DJ and event technology for your wedding. Of course, we advise you individually and tailored to your needs.

So that you can sit back and relax on the day of the wedding, we ensure in advance that everything to do with music, technology and party is perfectly organized. Our DJs accompany the wedding from start to finish and ensure on the one hand the right ambience during champagne reception and dinner and in the further course of the evening for an exuberant mood on the dance floor. In the run-up we are at your side with our expertise and solve the problems that may arise during a wedding planning.

Step 1


After an initial phone call, we will prepare a non-binding offer tailored to your needs.

Step 2


If the order is placed, we arrange a personal preliminary meeting, where you can clarify details with the DJ in a relaxed round with coffee or beer, and get to know each other personally. We are happy to assist you with our experience in further planning questions.

Step 3


Before the wedding, a contract is drawn up, which secures both parties accordingly. If further questions arise in the meantime, we are of course still available at any time as a contact person and are happy to help. For example with the editing of your wedding dance.

Step 4


The technology will be set up for you before the wedding according to your wishes. We take care that everything runs.

Step 5


On the day of the wedding, the booked DJ is already ready before the arrival of your guests and if desired gladly accompanies the champagne reception. During the meal there is usually light background music and after the wedding dance the music will be turned up.

Step 6


When everything is over, we take care of the dismantling of the technology. We adapt to your schedule or that of the location and organize everything for you.


What music will be played?

Basically, there is a musical all-round program at weddings. We adapt to your needs and are experienced in almost all musical styles. If your wedding has a special theme, for example rockabilly, we will find you a suitable colleague who specializes in this kind of music.

Can I request music?

Of course. We’d be happy to do it the other way around with a “no-go” list in advance. For example, if you don’t like metal songs, we won’t torture you with them.

How long will the DJ play at our wedding?

Our DJs are with you from start to finish – even before your guests. We are happy to accompany the champagne reception and play suitable music for the meal. As a rule, we also offer you exclusively an open end at a fixed price, so that you do not have to worry during the party whether you now book another hour.

What technology do we need?

That depends on your location and your wishes. In some locations there is already integrated technology. We will gladly check their quality and suitability in advance.

Basically, we offer you a package of lighting and sound technology adapted to your needs. A professional setup that harmonizes with the overall picture is a matter of course.

Does the DJ use a microphone?

Gladly he does. However, this does not mean that our DJs mime the solo entertainer. A targeted use of a microphone loosens the mood and is conducive to the party. We can also announce the food or introduce speeches.

What if the DJ gets sick?

Fortunately, this almost never happens. If it does, we guarantee a professional backup DJ and take care of its organization.

Can we meet the DJ in person before the wedding?

Absolutely. A personal preliminary talk or a video call is part of our inclusive services.