10 tips for the PERFECT wedding location

6. October 2021
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6. October 2021 lf

10 tips for the PERFECT wedding location

These tips will save you a lot of stress!

Choosing the location is one of the first and probably most important decisions for your wedding planning. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in the end, you should consider a few points in advance in addition to budget planning.

TIP 1 – Number of guests
Not every location offers enough space for all your guests. Ask beforehand how many capacities there are and keep in mind that there should still be enough space for dancing. But also the other way around: if the location is too big, it looks uninviting and uncomfortable. If 100 people fit into the venue and only 50 are invited, it is advisable to reconsider the decision.

TIP 2 – Open End
If you want to party until the early hours of the morning, ask beforehand if there are time limits. Some venues only offer their services until a certain time. Otherwise, you may incur high extra costs.

TIP 3 – Noise level
Is your desired location in the middle of a residential area or would you like to celebrate in a hotel? Often there can be problems with the music volume. Possible experience values should already be discussed during a first visit.

TIP 4 – Full-Service or Selfmade
One of the most basic decisions: does the location offer food, drinks, decoration, service etc. as a full package or do you rent an “empty” room? If you choose a self-made wedding, it usually means a lot more effort in planning and preparation. However, a full service with catering and so on is usually the more expensive option, but also saves you from having to clean up the next morning. 🙂

TIP 5 – Visit several locations
It is always advisable to visit several locations and weigh up the pros and cons. Even if you want to get the planning over with quickly, it is advisable to look at at least two to three possible options and only then make a decision.

TIP 6 – Distance
Where are your guests coming from? How far is their journey? Are there sleeping accommodations nearby? However, even if the location is a bit further away from your home or that of your guests, this should not be a deterrent. Ask your acquaintances for volunteers to drive your guests. One or two drivers can take your guests home after the party. The offer is very gladly accepted by the guests and costs you only a little gas and tip.

TIP 7 – What is allowed, what is not?
Clarify before booking whether you can implement your individual wishes. You really want to hire your favorite caterer, but the location has its own kitchen? That could go wrong! Sometimes external service providers are not allowed.

TIP 8 – Exclusivity
Have you booked your location exclusively for you or are there several halls in which celebrations take place? If you want to be with your guests among yourselves, you should consider this point!

TIP 9 – Rooms
In order to keep the guests as close together as possible during the party, it is always an advantage if, for example, the bar is in the same room as the dance floor. This ensures that the crowd of guests is less likely to get lost and the dance floor basically stays fuller. If the dance floor is in a different room than the food, additional speakers often need to be set up for sound.

TIP 10 – Bad weather alternative
Even in the height of summer, planning can fall through the cracks. If the champagne reception is planned to be held outside and it’s pouring rain, it’s a good idea to think of an alternative in advance.


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