Winter wedding

11. October 2021
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11. October 2021 lf

Winter wedding

...and why the dream of the winter fairy tale is something very special.

The classic wedding season in Germany starts around April and ends in September. The main reasons for this are the weather and the temperatures. However, anyone who has ever been a guest at a wedding in midsummer at 30 degrees celsius knows that it can be uncomfortable in a dress or suit. But a wedding in winter has far more advantages than feeling comfortable in fancy threads. Not without reason, the number of winter weddings has increased by about 70 percent in recent years.

Incomparable ambience
A snow-covered landscape is the most romantic setting our natural world has to offer – even if you can’t necessarily count on snow in the German winter. If snow is priority #1, a location in the Alps is recommended, for example. If that is too far, you have to hope for good relations with Frau Holle.
Whether with or without snow: in winter you have the possibility to design your celebration individually and uniquely: Crackling fireplace, flickering candlelight and color accents with gold, green or red. Without a theme, the wedding will be particularly individual. How about a small “Christmas market” or a mulled wine reception for friends and family? Of course, the wedding ceremony can also take place outside. For example, with fire bowls, blankets and decorative furs in combination with hot tea for the guests. Guaranteed, this wedding will be remembered for a long time!

Relaxed planning
Wedding venues are sometimes booked up to two or three years in advance. However, these are usually the highly sought-after dates in the peak season. If you want to book your dream location on short notice, you have much better chances in the winter months. Other service providers such as photographers, florists or DJs are usually booked well in advance. Between October and March there are more gaps in the schedule than in the summer. In winter it is guaranteed to be easier to get all service providers under one hat.

Fancy food
Under thick woolen sweaters, no one pays attention to the figure. Winter is the time to eat well. You can feed your guests with creative menus and buffets. With the cooler temperatures, the choice doesn’t have to fall on the lighter summer dishes either.

Original photos
With a wintry ambiance, your wedding photos will be a special eye-catcher! A little snow and glistening ice will give your pictures a unique atmosphere.

Moderate costs
Many venues reduce their room rentals during the wedding off-season. Service providers are also more likely to accommodate you on price than during the summer months, when requests are a dime a dozen. With the reduced costs, you can either decrease your overall budget or invest the savings elsewhere. Just note that many of the service providers are especially in December on company and Christmas parties in use! Conversely, it will also be cheaper for your guests. Hotel rates will also moderate in the winter.

Increased party factor
With the cold temperatures, your guests will rarely move outside. The majority will stay inside and dance warmly on the dance floor in the evening. In high summer, people like to cool off outside. Party breaks in winter? No way! The likelihood that your guests will be in a more relaxed mood also increases. If one party follows another in the summer, things tend to be more relaxed in the winter months.

And, convinced? We have already celebrated several incomparable winter weddings. Therefore, in the double sense: dare!
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